Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Walk Your Booty Off!

by Kris Pitcher

A simple way to add some punch to your program is by adding walking. Walking is great exercise! There's no better time to sneak in some extra exercise than over the lunch hour. So lace up and let's go!

Walking burns about 4 calories per minute and in the course of a week you can add up quite a few extra minutes. Find a route where you can head out for 15 minutes or more. Strolling is nice for stress relief, but we are looking for about a 3 mph pace here.

If you're in the city, just try to keep moving when you hit a red light. Simply cross in the other direction and keep moving. Neighborhoods are nice, and paved trails are sublime!

Focus on your gait. Putting one foot in front of the other, walking heel to toe and squeezing through your glutes as you push off. Mind-body connection makes all the difference to your booty!

If you can find just 15 minutes during your day to walk, you will have burned an extra 300 calories between Monday and Friday. You'll likely be more productive at work too! Tear yourself away from work and take your lunch break.

In no time you'll be over your latest hurdle! Making progress means making time for additional work. Make the most of your day by squeezing extra exercise in here and there. Squeeze your glutes too! It all adds up as you walk it off!

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