Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shortcuts and Haircuts

by Kris Pitcher

I don't see men wearing shape-up's. Now, maybe they don't make them for men. Or maybe it's that women seem to fall for every fad, gadget and gizmo. (Not that these shoes are any of those.)

The Hand Fitness Trainer
I'm not sure if we are desperate for something, ANYTHING, that will finally work. Or, if we have just given up and figure what the heck I'll try anything for under $100.

To our credit, we are looking for shortcuts. Our days are too busy, we have too many responsibilities and the dishwasher isn't unloading itself. So a shortcut here and there would be nice, wouldn't it?

One of the problems with the shortcut mentality is it's often coupled with the notion that once you get to a certain size, or's done. You're done.

You're not done. You don't cut your hair once and it stays that way forever. It continues to grow. Maintaining a style requires continued, regularly scheduled cuts. To think it would just stay the way it was cut would just be silly. So is being done once you make a goal weight/size. You will always have maintenance work.

Shortcuts are different from being efficient. You should look for ways to be efficient in your life, but there aren't shortcuts to getting the results you want. There isn't a magic gizmo that's going to do the work for you. You don't need it anyway. You're doing this!

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