Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why Work Is Making You Fat

by Kris Pitcher

Don't go quiting your day job...but work just might be making you fat. Stressful and unpredictable, I like to call it "dynamic and character building". The truth is most of us are over stretched and way over stressed.

One of the challenges is we've come to expect more with less. With an unstable economy, "grateful" comes to mind each day as I approach my work. The reality is the workforce has downsized, but the workload has not.

We also have technology to thank for making our jobs easier. It has, on the other hand made us instantly accessible for ongoing crisis situations all day long. Like when there's cake in the break room. We need an email for that. Information overload causes stress, interrupts our work and makes it difficult to focus on anything for longer than three minutes.

Good intentions to leave at lunchtime for our afternoon re-charge at yoga class, or a walk get sabotaged by some one's crisis deadline which has now become your top priority. It's a challenge to maintain boundaries.  

Long meetings where no one eats, drinks or moves for four or more hours leave me wondering about deep vein thrombosis. Not to mention they make me want to go out of my mind. All of these things mean too much stress, not getting your meals in, and guess're midsection is super sized.

A couple of things can help without ostracising you from the culture of the workplace. Managing email is the big one. Check your email once every two hours, and not more. If some one has a red exclamation mark issue - they might need to pick up the phone.

Bring your meals. Not just to work, but to epic meetings as well. Against the culture? Excuse yourself to the restroom and take your big purse. You'd be surprised how fast I can down a portion of protein out of a baggie in a stall. Hey, I'm not proud but I need to feed these muscles.

Drink your water, take your lunch break away from the office and try not to over caffeinate. Stay organized, control what you can control, be a good grateful.

Creating and maintaining boundaries at work is one of the most difficult things to manage. If you're not doing it, it's why work is making you fat.

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