Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fast Food Cleanse

by Kris Pitcher

Over the weekend I found myself at the super mega vitamin mart. Now, I don't usually shop at these places because online shopping is easy, and cheaper. But we found ourselves running out of some essentials, so a trip was in order.

As we looked at the rows and rows of very expensive supplements I couldn't help but overhear the sales person talking to a woman nearby. They were talking about b vitamins. She was telling him how she just felt overwhelmed, couldn't focus, and just hated it when she couldn't think straight.

This gal was your typical 30 something young woman with a lot on her plate. Her life, no doubt probably is overwhelming. So, the sales person tells her what she really needs to do is a cleanse. As you can imagine my ears perked right up.

He showed her a box of something that was about to change her life and then the kicker. I hope I didn't laugh out loud audibly. He said, "You might want to cut down on the fast food and alcohol during the cleanse."

Cut down? Really?! If I understood his instructions, some fast food and alcohol during the cleanse is alright...but just cut down. It's amazing what people will buy, what they'll buy into and what they'll believe.

The supplement industry is about a $400 billion (with a B) industry annually. Yet people don't seem to want to pay for a personal trainer, a nutritional coach, or at the very least do the work they need to do to feel decent. Decent. If they can just take a pill, drink a potion, or do a cleanse to rid their body of toxins they'll magically be all better. Only it doesn't work that way.

Eating to fuel our body with healthy choices most of the time works. It works. Period. Those of you who do it know. There are plenty of supplements that can assist us physiologically, boost our progress and ensure we get the proper nutrients we need. But we have to do the basic work.

I hope this customer is able to think more clearly after she cuts down on her fast food and alcohol during her cleanse. I hope it makes her feel better too. And I'm sure she'll be a good customer to the mega supplement place until she's ready to start doing some work herself.

We got what we needed and got out of there. It made me feel a little sleazy to tell you the truth. I wondered if the sales person actually believed what he was telling her, or if he knew he was full of crap. Either way, we must make sound choices to set the foundation for our bodies. There isn't a magic pill, potion...or cleanse. Sorry. Could someone help me down from my soapbox now?

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