Monday, September 5, 2011

Wipe That Smile On Your Face!

by Kris Pitcher

Like it or lump it, you get a weekly contest prep update from me. And I have to say...things are going well. But it's HARD. Each prep cycle is different, and once it's over you forget how hard it was - maybe like childbirth.

I've had insomnia, as you know. This is new and not in an exciting way. Just new. The numbers are slowly inching where I want them to be. The body fat is coming off, and the lean body mass is staying. My diet is pretty easy - I'm not starving or ready to eat my arm off. We did however give up our weekly cheat meal I don't know how many weeks ago...and I miss it.

A friend at the gym excitedly told me he tried my pizza recipe. He and his wife LOVED it. I think I drooled on the carpet as he told me. But I know I have to live vicariously right now in their delight. Four more weeks, Floyd and I'll have my own pizza!

It's down to the wire and we start to think about having only a few more workouts for each body part. When you think of it like that, the time will fly by. I posed in my suit this past weekend with Jacques and his trainer Todd- the suit fits, I look good. And as I shared on face book, it didn't even feel like I was about to run naked down the freeway (a horrible feeling).

The house is a filthy mess, please don't come over. We only have time for cardio, cooking fish, and getting the laundry from the washer to the dryer and to the coffee table for folding. And sleeping. The reality is we can only handle so much. Some things just have to give.

I'm looking for safety pins to keep my pants up. My bras are baggy, and we won't even talk about my underwear. Between my disheveled clothes and all the bags I carry day to day (computer/gym/cooler) I feel like a bag lady in training. Now if I could only find some cans to recycle.

I'd like to have a treat, and I thought of something I could soda. I know, sounds fancy. The bubbles would be so refreshing, tingling all the way down my throat. I'm going to put that on the grocery list so I don't forget. Then I could belch like a sailor too!

Most of all I find I have to wipe that smile on my face. I get in "serious" mode, it's mostly comatose mode. But I have to remind myself I'm not in a bubble...there's a world of people not dieting for a contest out there who would like to see my smile. It also helps me choose my attitude. As I've said before, we do this by choice.

So, as we close in on the final four weeks it's time to register for the contest, get the hair cut and colored, take care of all the beauty rituals in the final weeks, pick up the thread in my suit color so I can tack the top in place, practice posing...and the list goes on and on.

I'm grateful for Bliss, it helps quiet my mind - and just knowing you're out there helps me keep that smile on! Thanks for being there, I'll need your support in these final weeks!

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