Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Fitness Fad - Textercising!

by Kris Pitcher

I try to stay up on all the fitness fads and trends. And when I started noticing this one I wondered just what improvements I might be able to make if I really applied myself.

I see it every where! In the gym, on the's textercise! You might have seen the commercial campaign about how you can't do things and text at the same time. They show a lady strolling her baby into danger, and a guy riding his lawn mower over the bushes all to demonstrate that texting while driving is dangerous.

Well, texting while driving is dangerous. But textercise is different! I see textercisers on the steppers a lot. Their form is impeccable, they are able to lean with their entire forearms on the machine, their body at a 90 degree - hands outstretched and thumbs working that keypad texting like crazy! It's amazing!

I also see textercisers on the treadmill. They too have this new fad down really well. Some can walk up a pretty steep incline while they do I've yet to see a runner - maybe they just can't focus.

The beauty really is in the mind body connection with textercising. The concentration, the focus...very impressive. Geeze - I don't mean to date myself here, but do you remember when cell phones weren't allowed in the gym? OMG! Can you imagine, how silly. Now we're textercising! That just goes to show you how things can change.

When something important comes along, like texting, we can work it in to our workout to increase our benefit. I love it! Textercising, you should try it!

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