Monday, February 11, 2013

Are You Coming?

by Kris Pitcher

There are a few things I do know. I know that as you take steps to make dreams is exciting. I also know pushing yourself takes internal strength, but it also takes a team.

When you have big goals you don't get there alone. What I know from experience is if you don't ask, people can't say yes.

So, I'm launching a campaign. It's a campaign to invite people to take a leap of faith in me, and with me as I make my way to the National stage to compete in June at the NPC Jr. Nationals.

Let's GO!
I'm not a 501-C3, there is no tax deduction...your support isn't charitable. But it is a way to participate in a process, a journey, that you might not take on your own. And one I am willing to ask for help in taking.

It's getting real. Very real. At 18 weeks out from competition I am doing research, creating a budget and making plans. The competition will take place on June 14th and 15th in Chicago. Yes, I am excited!

I am also excited about where I am in my prep. I will absolutely be my best ever. I've progressed over where I was last year, and the process is rewarding. There is still work to be done. My alarm reminds me of that each morning at 4:30 a.m. as I rise to do my cardio.

My commitment is unwavering, and that's why I'm not shy about inviting you, and others, to support me in this process. I don't have a sad story. I'm not a single mother working several jobs with a bus load of kids. There is no guaranteed outcome.

I am a 43 year old figure competitor working toward my goals, and living out my dreams. It's all mapped out, the plan, the calendar...reinforced each time I look at the refrigerator. I'm the person with my act together enough to make this happen.

Now I invite you to come along with me by supporting the process. I'm going with or without you, all I'm asking is you consider...taking a leap of faith!    

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