Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Every Day is Valentine's Day

by Kris Pitcher

Every kiss does not begin with Kay. I don't know who this "Leo" is...but the fleecing of America has women in a frenzy.

I don't need a Chocolate diamond, or the Open Heart pendant. Don't get me charmed this or remembrance that. I'm not expecting the Tilted Heart, or Love's Embrace... Please don't build me a bracelet with $40 beads depicting who I am.

Please don't present me with a giant stuffed animal, a heart filled box of candy, cheap lingerie or over priced flowers. Waiting for a holiday to express you love isn't necessary.

Don't book a table at restaurant where we'll get mediocre service and a larger than life bill. It's not necessary to create a memory "experience" with some outlandish thing.

The thing is, if you love someone...just tell them. Tell them on Tuesday...when they aren't expecting it. Or let them know by taking care of your responsibilities. Get them flowers in June.

Be spontaneous. Valentine's Day is prescripted, and overrated. It's pressured and fake. It's pink and fluffy. It's sugary and cream filled. It's messages on candied hearts. Will you be mine?

I appreciate the every day gestures my husband makes. He stops to kiss me. He hugs me while I'm washing dishes. He tells me he loves me. (He tells me stuff I won't print for you *winky face.)

We don't wait for one day a year to cultivate our relationship. There isn't one special time to warrant being close...that happens naturally. And I hope you're doing things to make it happen more naturally for your relationship too.

Ultimately, we've made our lives about life rather than about stuff. This is how experience is created, memories. This is how we've chosen to cultivate closeness in our relationship. This is how every day becomes Valentine's Day. It has nothing to do with Kay. I hope you get more than the wrapped in love, or be brilliant diamond this year. I hope you get that every day is a celebration. Happy Valentine's Day!

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