Friday, February 1, 2013

Superbowl Menu, Slim Down!

by Kris Pitcher

Ready for Superbowl Sunday?! Game day is right around the corner and you need to get your menu in check. I've got the perfect slim down menu in store!

If you know know I didn't even know there was a game. You know I don't know who's playing, or where, or what channel it's on...or what time it starts. And to tell you the truth, a lot of people don't. They just know they're going to eat and drink!

This might be my annual giant bait and switch but here's what I'm going to do on Sunday. Sunday is leg day. It's also a day when I'll see some of my husband's local clients, maybe do some posing practice.

I'll pack all of my meals so I know I have exactly what I need with me regardless of where I am. See, between these activities, I'll need to shop groceries. It will be nice because everyone will be watching the game.

Following the morning and afternoon activities and responsibilities we'll head home where I'll do food prep for the week and catch up on the laundry I've been cycling through the machines all weekend.

That will be my Superbowl Sunday slim down day. It will be like every other day. And that's exactly what I suggest for your menu. Plan to eat what you usually eat. Likewise, if alcohol isn't on your diet plan (and I'd be surprised if it were) don't drink. This is just another day. A long day.

Take your meals to the party. Or, if you must eat at the party follow the cardinal rules (The Cardinals aren't playing are they?): eat off the meat platter, skip the cheese, no dips, eat veggies, skip the chips/crackers/cookies etc...steer clear of the buffet table all together. It's a gathering place, but you don't have to gather there.

Drink water, or seltzer with lime. No one cares if you're drinking...we're grown ups. If you're at that kind of party, you're at the wrong party. Put a piece of sugarless gum in your mouth and carry your water bottle. It's hard to juggle a plate, your water and eat too.

Be smart, remember why you're watch a game. Football, right? Get your cardio done in the morning, don't skip your meals, and stop looking for an excuse to go off plan. Keep your focus and your goals in mind. It'll be a touch down of a day for you if you do it right!

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