Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Optional During Prep

by Kris Pitcher

A low grade migraine flirted with me last week leaving me feeling fatigued and a little run down. Wednesday one of my coworkers came in my office and said, "Do you have to work out tonight?"

It got me thinking about things that are optional during prep. When you're training for something, something big, you're ALL IN. You're not just kinda doing it. I told her yes I would be working out, and it would likely set me right.

I spent most of that Friday in "cat therapy" with the cat on my lap in the recliner. That was after attending a very early morning fundraising breakfast in our city's convention the snow...with a low grade elevated temperature. But, I had already done my cardio at 4:30 am, just like any other day. Not. Optional.

When I'm standing on stage June 14th being judged amongst other very well deserving athletes, no one is going to care if I had a headache for 3 days. They won't care if it snowed the morning I had to go out on my day off with an elevated temperature to attend a breakfast (that I didn't eat).

There are things which are not optional. Like doing what you're supposed to do. This attitude is what drives certain people to compete at a higher level, or to compete at all. Those are the days I'm especially grateful for those around me who support what I'm doing.

Those are the days I'm glad I can let the sink fill with dishes and my husband will pitch in. I'm glad my workouts make me feel better and put my head in the right place. I'm grateful for the confidence people have in me to make it to the stage at a higher level.

Wearing a scarf is optional. Bothering to put my mascara on is optional. Deciding whether or not to put earrings on is optional. Packing all my meals, pushing my water and getting every workout in is not optional during prep.

Doing what you need to do to get to your goals isn't optional either. That's what's standing between you and successful completion of your goals. Those are the things separating you from reaching the level of success in your job, in your your life, you wish to reach.

Begin to question what is optional in your life. What things can you let go of, and what things must happen to get you to your goals? When people ask me things that seem so obvious, like if I am going to do my really stops me in my tracks. It's like asking if I'm going to breathe!

It makes me realize what we are doing is really different, it sets us apart, and it is not optional.  

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