Friday, April 12, 2013

Beast Out!

by Kris Pitcher

I realize you are probably not going to like me after this...and it's ok. Who knows, maybe you'll love me, even more.

Sit down because we need to talk. Every now and then I get a little fed up, and it's not always on my no carb day. I put myself in check, and even in time out. But this time that wasn't enough...I needed to have this talk with you. Here goes.

Really? Even this guy?
Everyone cannot be in BEAST mode. What is this mode? A self-proclaimed bad ass? Here's the thing, (get ready for a run-on sentence) you've got your weight belt on and you're head phones, and you are grunting away in your cut out shirt exposing your entire (fat) mid-section, nodding and fist pumping, chest bumping away...with your pants on...

Meanwhile, I am also working back and I'm waiting for you to stop dancing around and get off the plate loaded pull down so I can have a turn. And guess what? I'm pulling as much weight as you. No grunts. Oh, and I'm actually using my lats.

Beast? Who, you? You are in dork mode. Let's look at leg day big guy. Oh you don't do legs. Hmm. Well I'm the one with 7 plates on the leg press to burn out before I squat. Take your pants off! Beast?

Have some humility. Get your diet in order. You think you're big? Sure, you're big. You are fat. You've got your estrogen out of control and you've been eating Cherrios. Figure it out. I'm a third of your size, 12% body fat, prepping for a show and out lifting you. And I'm 43!

Stop with all this silly beast mode business. Stop posting pictures of yourself all "pumped up", we don't even know what we are supposed to be looking at? Is there a muscle there? Stop contorting your body and calling it a "pose" - what pose is that?!

I am sorry but I am fed up with the posers, the poster children and the weight room beasts. Do something serious and let's see some changes in your physique. Stop professing and start doing.

Everyone starts somewhere and we all have improvements to make. We all want to be enthusiastic and believe in what we are doing. We have to be focused and "into" this or we wouldn't do it.

For those of us who actually live this, and have been around awhile...we know the BEASTS never last very long. So get it out of your system and come down to earth and join the rest of us. We'd like to see you succeed. Beast out! No, really, get it out.

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