Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Disappearing Act

by Kris Pitcher

"Oh my God your boobs are disappearing! You look great!" she said with a huge smile. Only a good friend, a competitor friend, can say this to you and mean it as a compliment. Not only was it said with enthusiasm, it was said with enthusiasm in the middle of the gym on a busy night, with cupping gestures.

I love my friends! And she's right! They are going, going, gone! Back fat? Nonexistent. And anything in the front, going as well. Bye ladies.

That's just part of the process, we lose our fat. We lose it from where we want it, and where we don't want to lose it. We don't get to decide, how, or when.

Someone said something about losing it from their "saddle bags" and Jacques said, "I'm not a surgeon." True, we don't get to spot reduce. It goes from where it wants to go. This is why we start early and go slow.

It's also why we buy padded bras, smaller sports bras, and inserts for our suits. There's just nothing left. Smoke and mirrors...and padding. It's all an act!

I'll keep getting smaller, all around, as the contest gets closer. We're slowing things down just a bit to keep on track and are in a great place. What I love the most about the disappearing act is as I get smaller...I look bigger. It's all relative.

For all you dieting with me, keep your head in this game. You're shedding off your fat, and keeping all that hard earned muscle. You might be getting smaller, but the disappearing act makes you look so different.

You're on the downhill side, you'll climb back up. But for now, we can all say good bye to our disappearing boobs!

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