Friday, April 26, 2013

You Think You're Better Than Me?!

by Kris Pitcher

Two high school girls in the locker room. One is in the toilet stall the other one is rearranging her ponytail. They're in their basketball uniforms:

Did you see the new girl?
No. Is she the blond one?
Is she brown haired?
No. You'd know her if you saw her.
I bet she thinks she's better than all of us.
She's hearing impaired.
She's hearing impaired.
She's. Hearing. Impaired.
Oh! Like my Aunt. You just have to look at her when you talk to her.

This conversation went on a little longer until FINALLY both girls were reunited from behind the confines of the toilet stall to return to basketball practice together. And I thought to myself...girls are so mean.

Women are mean too. I pulled on my workout clothes and wondered why we aren't more supportive of one another. Why do we bad talk each other? Why do we wish ill will? Why do we immediately assume the other thinks she's better?

Why do we teach this to our girls? Can't we do better? These girls happen to be on a team together. A team! Working toward a common good. Look around, what are we working toward?

I wish mean girls didn't grow up to be mean women. We'd get more done. We'd be happier. We'd feel more supported...I'd have more friends.

Stop gloating in someone elses failure. It doesn't make you more successful. Turn your negatives into positives. Give a compliment rather than a criticism. Think of one another as sisters. And play on the same team.

And when you give that compliment and it isn't acknowledged, or returned...tap a shoulder, or repeat yourself. Maybe she just didn't hear you?


  1. My very best friend in the whole world is hearing impaired - but she is the most fabulous, kind, supportive person in the world. You know her as Karly Gomez.