Monday, April 22, 2013

Random Facts You NEED To Know

by Kris Pitcher

There are some things I thought you should know about me. These may or may not fall in the "confession" bucket...none the less, here you go.

  • I will not wear capris. I don't care who you are, capris make you look short and fat. Period. With the exception of that one pair of workout pants I have, I will never wear capris (and they are getting a hole, so I'll throw them out soon).
  • I prefer my mornings slow. They almost never are. (Was that a double negative?) It is nice to wake naturally and if that happens one day a week I consider myself lucky.
  • Shoes hurt my feet. If I threw out all the shoes in my closet that hurt my feet I might have one pair left. Maybe one.
  • I'm ready to retire. People who say they'll work forever because they love it...need to find a hobby. I will have no trouble filling my time. I'll try to hold out until I'm 57. Try. (cringe)
  • Baths are a waste of time. I'm not even enticed by the thought of it.
  • Paperless may not be for me. I still have a paper calendar. I need to see things and touch them, and I can flip to a page, write down an appointment or give you 3 options before you can get to your app. 
  • I want to drive fast. The speed limit doesn't take into account how fun my car is to drive. It's...limiting.
  • I was the kid who thought she was funny. Other people might not have. They still may not. That is OK.
  • Exspecially is not a word. Please refrain from ever saying it. Ever.
  • I love dark beer. Really, really dark. It will always make my sinuses stuffed up because I'm allergic to gluten and alcohol. But I may drink one off season. Maybe. 
  • Aging has made me prettier. Youth was unkind to me in some ways. My husband will attest that I've aged well. You don't think he's just saying that? 
  • I still use hair gel. It's embarrassing with all the sophisticated hair products. But, it works for me. I also use wax, finishing cream and hairspray. It takes a chemistry project to get this hair under control. But it's true about the gel.
Whew! That is probably enough for one day. These are things I think about, my random thoughts and ideas...things you should know. And for a Monday, well, there you go! 

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