Monday, April 15, 2013

You Could WIN!

by Kris Pitcher

This is a VERY exciting opportunity! Simply visit my blog following the facebook link each day this week; enjoy the blog post and search for the "contest word"; the word will have a hyperlink; follow the hyperlink BACK to facebook; enter the daily contest word in the "comments" section of the post; "like" the post; then "share" the post using the contest word from that day in the "say something about this" section; next ask your friends to share the post; you must instruct them to visit my blog and follow the hyperlink; when 5 friends have shared the post incorporating the contest word - you are entered to win! For each different page or group you share on, you are also entered. Enter as many times as you like during the week of the contest and you may WIN!

How many of these have you entered? A wild goose chase of a contest, for some silly prize. A t-shirt, a sample pack? There is no contest by the way. I simply intend to illustrate a ridiculous set of instructions for which I usually drop off after the first two sets of instructions.

I'm not doing all of that! And who ever wins this stuff anyway? Not me! But I did help them market their jeans/pre-workout/stack pack/what nots...

Maybe someone does win. I know a few people who seem to win these types of things on a regular basis. Me, nada. Nothin'. Empty handed. So, to get this straight - there is no contest word because there is no contest.

We sure are suckers for this stuff though. And how many t-shirts do you have in that pile in your closet? I know, a lot. I don't need another one either. Custom jeans, yeah I did want those because jeans never fit me. But I didn't win them...

So, I'm saving myself the letdown by not entering in the first place. I will not be going on any social media wild goose chase to "like" and to "share". When I like and share stuff, it's because I like it and want to share it. No contest.

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