Monday, April 8, 2013

Can You See Baltimore From There?

by Kris Pitcher

To be ten weeks out and put a posing suit on might seem brave. But, I need to know what I'm dealing with here. Plus, I've got an exciting new project to work on...but that's for later!

I raced home after working out to try on the suit which had arrived in the mail. It fit! I put my shoes on and went to the kitchen. Naturally?

Waiting for my husband to get home I was prepping my meals for the next day thinking to myself, "I hope the neighbors can't see in here." Who's cooking eggs in 5" heels and a sparkly suit?

Well, I was! And then he finally rolled up. He came in the kitchen and made a very respectful comment about the way I should always dress when I'm cooking, hugged me close...then I did some quarter turns.

The suit fit well so I fished, "How do I look?" He said I looked good. "What about this stuff?" I said reaching around and grabbing the stuff attached to my adductors.

"Well, we don't want to see Baltimore through there." he said. I laughed. Baltimore?! I suggested it was all fat, and he corrected me that it was muscle and some fat. It was good.

Why do women think we should be able to see space between their thighs? Space is no good. Being able to see a city through there is no good. Especially Baltimore! So, yes...hopefully your thighs DO touch one another.

I think last year I had a bit of space there. This means progress. Muscle is progress. Yes! Hopefully you've got some muscle to create shape on the inside, and outside of your legs. And by all means, we hope we can't see Baltimore! 

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