Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Use Your Outside Voice!

by Kris Pitcher

Sometimes the universe sends me signs. And other times I pass giant billboards. This past weekend I passed a giant billboard that read, "Use Your Outside Voice!" I couldn't tell you what it was advertising. But I immediately took out my tiny idea book (for BIG ideas) from my purse and jotted it down.

It was a sign, literally which made me think figuratively. It got me thinking about how easily we loose our voice. We don't speak up, we discount our ideas, and we think people won't listen to us. Eventually we find ourselves whispering, using only meek inside voices or just letting others speak over us.

Strong bodies have strong voices. And it's time to USE YOUR OUTSIDE VOICE! Think of a situation over the last week when you may have been able to handle a situation differently if you had garnered the strength of your voice. Know that you have the inner strength to express your ideas and assert your needs. Do you feel that? It's a smile across your face.

Being assertive is different than being aggressive. You can assert your needs in a positive way to achieve the results you want in most any situation by thinking about the outcome you want. Once you're clear on the outcome, consider the options to get there, and then choose a course of action. Communicate that with others in a respectful way. It needs to be a win-win situation. (Remember when we talked about negotiations?)

Don't sit back, sit up! And use your outside voice - we want to hear what you have to say!

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