Friday, October 29, 2010

Glaring Flaws Revealed!

by Kris Pitcher

I had a mortifying moment this week. By nature I am not an excitable person. Calm under pressure, I can manage my way through the most unimaginable crisis. But this Wednesday as I hung my coat on the hook in my office, what I saw sent me literally screaming down the hall.

I had just walked back from the YWCA Women of Achievement Awards luncheon. This high powered event brings out upward of 10,000 of the most influential, powerful, successful, accomplished, upcoming, women and men in our city. Susan Stamberg of NPR's All Things Considered was the keynote speaker. This event fills our convention center. It's huge.

Craddling the coat in my arms I ran to the person who I know would tell me if I had spinach in my teeth. Yelling OMG down the hall, when I get to her office door I present the coat, "LOOK!" I tell her. "That's a cute coat." she says. "LOOK, IT HAS THE TAG ON IT!" I exclaim.

"Put it on." she says. I guess she's calm under pressure too. I put it on and turn around. "You can't even see it." she says. "Just a little bit, but the blue part and it blends in. You can't see it."

Now I have to imagine if anyone saw my tag, they would have said something. Oh, just a minute you've still got your tag. But my friend is right - nobody saw it. And people don't see our glaring flaws, or what we think are our glaring flaws.

That thing you hate about yourself, the way your hair flips or that curve over there. The way your right hand is a little bigger than your left. How you're a little fuller here, or your tush is kinda flat. Fill in the blanks here. Nobody notices.
The reason they don't notice - these are not glaring flaws. So the next time one of these sends you screaming down the hall, take a minute to look in the mirror for that self check. I bet it's no big deal.

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