Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take Action, Get Results!

by Kris Pitcher

It's time to take action to get fitness results. And we're not going to tip toe around this one. Actually, tippy toeing isn't a bad idea. I know that half of you have those shapers shoes in your closet...sure there's some bio mechanical design to help you "tone" your legs. But news flash people, they work because you're walking. I wish I'd thought of that.

Let's move on. No really, let's get moving on toward our goals. We talked about the realities of needing more cardiovascular activity in order to really make changes. Here's the good news: you can accumulate those minutes! Yes! 15 minutes three times a day and you're above your 30 minute minimum. And that's going to get you results!

Don't be a hero, adding just a few more minutes at a time will get you greater success in the long run. Already doing 3 days a week? Great! Gather up a buddy and add one more day. Think about making small changes. Hey, I can live with that, and you can too! And those shapers aren't walking themselves... It's time to take action toward your fitness results!

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