Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Must Have Party Eating Survival Tips!

by Kris Pitcher

It's time. The office party is in the next two days, followed by a weekend of fun and the whole season could slide out from under you after that. You're about to feel like a preteen surrounded by big kids wielding a pack of cigarettes. "Just one isn't gonna kill you!" they'll taunt. Some days I'm undecided if people want to be bullies, or if they are just trying to help you participate. Regardless of their intention, let's talk about a few party eating survival tips to help keep you on track while you're out there having a good time.

Planning ahead goes a long way. Just thinking about what you'll do in the situation is important. Remember the sex talk you had with the kids (or you're going to have)...Not the part about how you embarrassed them into deafness, but the part about considering your options in a situation...before you're in it.

The simple party eating survival tips:

  • Eat a small healthy meal before you go, some lean protein & leafy greens
  • Drink moderately, if at all - this is a whole other topic, but you're a grown up, water in between, limit yourself to 2 adult beverages
  • Enjoy the party and the guests rather than the buffet table - now there's an idea
  • Make good choices at the buffet table - meat & vegetable tray good, gooey unidentifiable cheesy dip...I don't have to even tell you that one
  • Choose fruit over sugary sweets
  • Chew a piece of sugarless gum - this is my favorite survival tool!
  • Drink seltzer water with lime - nobody will know the difference!

Now that you've got a few party eating survival tips and tools you won't have to feel like you're surrounded by big bullies. Thinking ahead about how you will handle a party situation is key to success as you navigate through the holiday season. You can still participate, have a good time, and even eat without giving up all your hard work. Now you tell those big kids to lay off! Your friends are coming and they're gonna be sorry!

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