Sunday, October 31, 2010

Need A Lift?

by Kris Pitcher

Need a lift? Depending on how you celebrated your Halloween night you may have woken up in a bit of a fog. Too much witches brew, one too many trips to the buffet table, and way too many fun sized treats has you feeling like you've been tricked. Sugar hangover, not enough sleep and you can't quite remember if you did the safety dance...or if that was just a nightmare.

There's a remedy for all of that. You need a lift! Get up, get moving, and get hydrated! Sorry party people, no hair of the dog. Let's get you back on track. A cup of coffee and it's out for a walk, or to the gym. You know the drill. And fill up that water bottle before you go. Feeling sleazy...I mean queasy? You need to eat. Dehydration means loss of electrolytes including potassium, magnesium, and salt. A healthy meal with some lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fat will have you feeling good in no time.

But here's the important part: Don't beat yourself up for having a good time. Sometimes when we over do it we feel like a failure. We feel like we couldn't stick to our plan. The truth is, we're not prefect. You didn't know? We also need to be able to enjoy things now and then. That being said...learning moderation is the key to our success. So if you slipped off the wagon...well grab hold of my hand, I'm about to roll by and give you a lift!

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