Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Departure Gate

by Kris Pitcher

You know the saying - If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got. It is very true. When we do the same things over and over, expecting different results something just isn't clicking.

In order to get different results it stands to reason we need to do something different. Change the input, change the output. Change something. Lots of people are stuck in this circle of doing the same things - expecting different results. And it's making them crazy.

I'll tell you something else...if they have a trainer, it's making their trainer crazy too. The truth is we need to come to this realization on our own. The light bulb has to go on over our heads for us to realize...we need to make some changes if we want to see different results.

There's a combination of readiness to change, realizm about what it takes to make changes, and the willingness not to be sucked into society's idea of what "normal" is.

"Normal" isn't meeting at the neighborhood hangout for dinner and drinks. It isn't dining out, or four course meals. It isn't dessert every night from your Electrolux oven. Not if you want to be a healthy weight.

And certainly not if you want that body on the front of the Oxygen magazine, or any of the Health & Fitness mags. The juxtapositon is we look at those images and want that body, but we also want to go out for happy hour. You don't get both.

It's time to meet at the departure gate. It's time to shift our thinking and gain some realizm about what it takes to have and maintain the body we want. It takes a certain lifestyle. When we bring the lifestyle into line with what we want...whala! Magic!

But it takes a serious departure from what we're typically surrounded with in terms of messaging, in terms of what everyone around us is doing and eating. Making this connection is a HUGE leap. Huge!

Making this connection stops the craziness of doing the same things but wanting different results. You have to do different things to get different results. Grab your passport, I will see you at the departure gate!

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