Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Have Your Cake & Eat it Too

by Kris Pitcher

Depending on which side of things you're on, there are times when you'd like to 'have your cake and eat it too'. There are other times when you think - hey, wait a minute...that doesn't work like that.

Here's an example (totally made up) you might be able to relate to. For instance, let's say your employer needed to ask you to take a furloughed day or two. You'd be happy to do it in this economy, so no problem. You mark your calendar and then you find out your employer would also like you to be on call that day. Hey, wait a minute?! 

See how you can't quite have your cake and eat it too? I find that people would like to not have to eat healthfully, but would like to have the body which would result from doing so. You know what comes next. Say it with me. Hey, wait a minute?! 

I can't help it if I'm not able to hear my phone from inside my fort made out of covers over the laughter from a tickle fight...or if I'm out of range on the ski slopes. I'm sure I'll see the voice mail indicator eventually...but probably not right away.

And eventually people come around to the fact that you have to actually eat healthy in order to have the body of someone who does. It just makes sense. You can't even really have your cupcake and eat it too in this case.

So, if you've been waiting around eating your cake and wondering when your magic super awesome body is going to jump into your jeans...well you might be waiting a while. But if you jump on the treadmill, and put down your cake for something more productive like chicken and broccoli (I know...) in time you'll certainly be celebrating. And yes, hey wait a minute, I'll hear my phone. *smile*

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