Friday, November 25, 2011

Feel the Textures In Your Life

by Kris Pitcher

I loved the movie, Avatar, because it reminded me of scuba diving. The vibrant colors and textures were out of this world, yet they were familiar from another. The way movement happened mimicked the way you move under if you could fly.

And sometimes you need something that is just out of this world. You need something to take you to another place and most importantly to absolutely be in one very moment.

Prior to the first dive, I'm always nervous. There's just something about not being able to breathe under water that concerns me. But once all the equipment is checked and I'm in...I am gone.

And there are few other places where I am truly in the moment, fascinated by everything around me as I fly through the water. The colors, the textures, and the creatures are like none on this side. If someone were to describe them to me and I hadn't seen them for myself I might think of some fantasy place.

What brings you into the moment? When can you shed the worries, the 'to do' lists, and the responsibilities? For a lot of people exercise is that way. It can be the only hour in the day that is yours. The only time focused on you, when you can be in the moment.

When you safeguard that time by tuning into your body - leave your phone for one hour - you can be in the moment in the same way. You can experience the things around you. You can see the colors and feel the textures.

Give yourself the experience of seeing the colors and feeling the textures during your next workout. Be in the moment, wake up your senses and experience what's around you. Stop going through the motions and start feeling the textures in your life. It might just feel out of this world!

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