Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fluff and Circumstance

by Kris Pitcher

Much of exercise is exactly as Nike says...just do it. But most of us put a lot of fluff and circumstance into the process making it really difficult to accomplish much, or be very successful at any of it.

What's fluff and circumstance? It's all the gear - the i-pod, the earphones, the arm band thingy, the newspaper/magazine/novel, e-reader, and the calorie burner/hr monitor. It's all the scheduling - when will I fit it in, what's the best time, what if so-and-so can't meet me?

The fluff is all the stuff and the circumstance are all the barriers we put up around why we can't seem to ever really make it happen. It's all the ceremony around making it into something bigger than it has to be.

Instead of spending all that energy on all of that...we could have already just done it. Ultimately, we're looking for excuses why it won't work instead of looking for ways to make it work. I'm not sure why our nature is to self sabotage in that way.

If you strip away all the fluff and circumstance you just have the actual work. So, my advice is just do the work. Quit looking for reasons why you can't do the work. You can do the work.

The work won't get done for you, no one but you can do, just get up and go. Put away your fluff and circumstance and get going. Strip away the can'ts and the won'ts for cans and wills. It's your choice to meet your goals. You create that. Don't let fluff and circumstance get in your way!

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