Friday, November 30, 2012

An Ounce of Prevention

by Kris Pitcher

Tis the season to raise your glass, right? It is also the season of choices. For many people, enjoying a libation here and there is part of the holiday cheer.

Consider a plan of prevention if you are going to indulge. A little pre-planning can go a long way toward helping you stay (somewhat) on track toward your goals over the holiday season.

Club soda is your friend. Add a lime twist and you are feeling refreshed. This is your "go to" drink between every alcoholic drink you enjoy. Pace yourself. You're not in college.

I had to actually laugh out loud as I looked up the calories in that cabenet you love. It's listed in a 4 ounce portion at 90 calories. So, let's multiply that by FOUR for the big girl glass...and the wine is 360 calories.

It's festive and the top shelf is being poured so maybe you have that pina colada that takes you back to your recent vacation memories. That will cost you 260 calories. Or maybe you go for the hot buttered rum in that tiny cup for 160 calories.

Champagne is always a lady's friend at about 130 calories (one glass to remain a lady). That whisky will cost you 220 calories, but it does go down smooth...

Now, you might want to consider the wine spritzer. A 2 oz wine topped with 6 oz of seltzer is just 40 calories. Lots of decisions to be made. Keep in mind an ounce of prevention goes a long way toward keeping you on track this season. Make wise choices as you raise that glass! Cheers!

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