Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Forgive My Sins

by Kris Pitcher

This is the age old question. Everyone asks it. And while I'd like to grab you by the shoulders and shake you when the words leave your's not your fault because you've been programmed to repent.

It goes something like this. You go off plan. There are so many reasons why that might happen we'll just reach up in the air and pick one. You go off plan because you celebrate your wedding anniversary with a weekend get-away. (Sounds nice...)

The next thing that happens is you come back to your real life and you immediately stand on the scale (that's another blog all together). You don't like what the scale says. Even though you know you've gone off plan (you were there!) you are shocked, surprised, and saddened by what you see.

Then the question comes into your mind because you get this idea that you must repent. You ask yourself (or your trusted coach/trainer/professional), "What can I cut to get back where I started before my wonderful weekend?"

Seriously, don't feel sheepish, everyone does this. We are programmed to ask this question - which brings a question too big for even this blog, so I'll leave that one.

Here is the answer. Nothing. You do nothing. What you do is you get right back on plan. You eat exactly what you are supposed to eat, all of it. You do your exercise, all of it. You drink your water, all of it.

But you certainly don't cut any of the good stuff out. You cut the bad stuff out, which you will automatically do by not having brunch on Sunday morning in the resort. You're home now, back on plan. Do. Your. Plan.

That little celebratory break didn't set you back for weeks. You can get right back on track after enjoying the foundation of your life. No biggie. You don't need to repent for that. You haven't committed any sins. *Smile!

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