Friday, November 9, 2012

On Strength of Character

by Kris Pitcher

Strength is an amazing thing. On Halloween, at work we had a Board meeting and we always try to do something fun to engage people. One of the members asked everyone to tell what they would dress up as if they could be anything.

I felt pressure. This could, after all, be a career limiting answer if I didn't select it carefully. I was thinking about super heroes with their strength and courage. But then sometimes...I already feel like one.

That might sound a little overly self confident, but as a competitor I hear a lot of, "I just don't know how you do it." And, "You have such strength to eat like that." Statements which make me feel like I have some super power.

Mine is nothing compared to that of my husband. I've watched him prepare for the NPC Nationals...and the time is finally here. He's eaten countless pounds of white fish and egg whites for weeks on end in preparation.

He's done hour upon hour of cardio often early in the morning and late into the night to accommodate his schedule with clients. He's maintained his ability to care for each of them along the way...even when it got difficult.

He's battled fatigue on the days when there just wasn't anything left to pull from. He's managed a smile for me even when he didn't feel the least bit happy inside. He pushed (and pulled) through his workouts until the very end.

Strength is an amazing thing. We are stronger than we give ourselves credit for. We can push ourselves beyond limits imaginable to reach goals unheard of.

It's due to strength of character. It's what's inside the heart and the soul. It's what's inside the mind. It's who we are at the core that drives us to dig this deep. I've never been more proud of my very own super hero. Hit that stage Jacques!

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