Monday, November 26, 2012

The Holiday Force

by Kris Pitcher

With Black Friday behind us, we can without doubt say the holidays are upon us. There is no denying, we are knee deep in this. It's time to bring out the force if you're going to get through this season.

In good form I wanted to say, "May the force be with you." But honestly, the force must be within you. Making it through the holidays in one piece means you need to have the force within you to decide.

Making good decisions is all within you. There will be external road bumps, barriers and massive potholes every where you turn. When you are aware of the force within you, you're on a whole different playing field.

The thing about it is you go into the season with your choices already made. I'm going to stay on track with my eating plan. I'm going to continue to go to the gym and workout. I will do my cardio.

That is the "force", your plan. Knowing it and being committed to it is your decision. Period. December rolls around and suddenly everyone is too busy to workout? I don't get it. You're seriously THAT busy shopping and attending social functions that you can't give yourself one hour a day?

And the food! We know the food will be all around us. It will be in the break room at work, there will be pot luck lunches, and holiday gatherings. Specialty items will arrive at the door, they'll be on the shelves of the store, and of course you'll honor your family traditions.

The force will still be within you to make decisions about all that extra food. Do you really need to celebrate the season with a specialty cookie? Or can you enjoy a cup of peppermint tea instead? It's all up to you, your choices, your decisions.

How you make it through the next two months is entirely up to you. The choices you make are yours alone. The force is within you. Make it a good holiday!

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