Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Week on the Road

by Kris Pitcher

Last week, I spent a week on the road. I don't mean to say I was traveling...I mean I was on my yellow brick road. I was on track with my eating. Right. On. Track.

A Winning Team!
Great things happened. Amazing things happened. Predictable things happened. In. One. Week. My body responded like a well tuned machine. My metabolism kicked in and did exactly what it is supposed to do.

Day by day I watched the scale do it's thing. Magic? Not even close. I was eating to my plan. By the end of the week I had a net loss of 5 pounds. This is a great jump start and got me right back on track to where I want to keep myself moving through December.

Welcome to the holidays! Now, we'll slow things down. We'll take a close look at my macros and adjust things. It may be time to add some things in, or adjust things one way or the other. This is the way successful management happens.

It's exciting to be in the driver's seat. To be making the changes and controlling the speed at which things happen. And if this seems exciting to you, you need a week on the road!

You need someone to help you navigate the science, to create and manipulate your plan. To adjust along the way as you make changes. You need a coach! Hopefully you know where to find Team Pitcher. Help is just a click away!

Having your goals clearly in mind is the first step. Knowing your limitations and reaching out for help allows you to get there most efficiently. Get a jump on your January! Get on the road!

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