Friday, December 7, 2012

Adrenal Fatigue, an Easier Way to Prep

by Kris Pitcher

Maybe I'm just feisty, but I've got an observation to share today. It's my own fault really for being addicted tuned in to social media sites like the faceplace. But I've noticed a correlation...

Many competitors who "share" constantly about being super hard core with their workouts, are the very same who after their show seem to have the elusive adrenal fatigue. I watch those same people post their party pictures of their massive consumption post competition and my wheels start turning.

Don't you think if you kept things a little tighter year round you wouldn't have to diet extremely, do seven hours of high intensity cardio on top of your plyo workout, your kickboxing class and your 3 hour lift sessions? I'll just take a breath here and let you recover from my marathon run on sentence there.

Bootcamp Blasters!
I'm really suggesting a few things here. First, more isn't better and you're not superior because your workout is super high intensity. In might be over training, doing the wrong type of training for your goal, and inhibiting your progress. I realize we're competitive, but we don't have to one up one another here.

Secondly, stop thinking your prep is a 12 week, or 16 week, program. Competing is a lifestyle. Your eating and exercise should be in line year round, not just for 12 weeks. Sure, it's going to look different. Your goals are going to be different and your plan will adjust for that. But if you are "free eating" for 40 weeks out of the're not serious about this.

Lastly, the above two points play into your chances of giving yourself adrenal fatigue. It's entirely up to you. If you start your prep with 30 pounds to lose and give yourself 16 weeks to do it. You better believe you're going to tax those systems.

There's lots of great information out there. But there is also a reason so many professionals make their living prepping competitors, this is a science. Figuring it out on your own is setting yourself up for failure if you just follow the threads.

I've said my piece. The way we prep shows. Think about the way you've planned to prep, and how you've spent your "off season"...what complaints do you have and what might be contributing to them? There is an easier way. I'll see you on stage!

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