Friday, December 21, 2012

Situation Winter Vacation

by Kris Pitcher

I had settled in to my winter ways when all of a sudden...I had a startle! It's common practice to pull on the tights, big woolly socks, and bundle right up when you live in a cold place.

Winter showers are quick when time spent in hot water dries your skin out that much more. You tend to make speedy work of the necessities while you're in there. There's no time for "extras". But when the sun comes out on those brisk doesn't just expose the dust in my house...

Was that a spider on my leg just now?! OMG! My mind began to race as I thought back. When was the last time I shaved my legs? Now, thank goodness I'm fair skinned, light haired and not too prickly. We've got a situation!

I've got a project on my hands. I'm going on VACATION!!! I need to get a handle on this! It's one thing to show up in a tropical place so pale your vascular system is showing, but to add this on top is just unacceptable. Even I know that.

How do we get to this place? That's the question. What happens that we don't have five minutes in the morning to keep up on this stuff? How do the weekends slip by with not an hour to have a little spa time?

Those are the big questions. And I'll have plenty of time to contemplate those questions (and others) as I work on my leg shaving project in preparation to go on winter vacation. These are the kinds of things resolutions are made of.

You might as well get a jump on them now. Get your projects going. Give yourself a little extra time and focus. Why wait until the new year? There's nothing special about that time. Then, ask yourself the big questions: How did I let this one go? How will I make time for what's important to me?

Figure out what "situations" in your life you need to get a handle on. What steps can you begin to take right now to get them in order? I'd like to stay and help you figure it out. But I've got wax heating, fresh blades waiting, the heater is going in the bathroom...and I swear a spider just ran down my knee!

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