Monday, December 10, 2012

Rejoice in Decembeard

by Kris Pitcher

We have a traditional occurrence in our community during November centered around fundraising. I can really get behind that. But when I heard of this, I was confused. It's, "No Shave November".

Now, unfortunately my husband was not aware of this "opportunity". He missed it. His commitment however uncovered and even more exciting, holiday. Decembeard! He is in full spirits of the holiday and the beard is coming along very nice.

In fact, the following "Dear Diary" moment was recently posted by my husband in, "The Decembeard Chronicles":
The Decembeard Chronicles- Friday
Kris: after staring at my progressing beard and nearly bald head, "Are you some sort of hooligan?”
Me: “You could say that…”
Kris: “But like, one that does good?”
Me: “Well… one that gets into some bad stuff but you still root for me because you know that deep down I have a heart of gold.”
Kris: “Oh, okay.”
Me: “Plus I’m kinda a bad ass and I think you like that…”
Kris: “Sure do!”
Me: lol :)

The truth is, the beard is bringing us closer together. Many times, the holidays can be alienating times for people. They can be stressful and unpleasant. People tend to over-consume in every way possible to self-medicate from all the baggage they may be carrying along related to family and spending time together.

But not Decembeard. It's all about monitoring the beard, conditioning the beard, admiring the beard. It's about the wonder of not knowing exactly what the beard is going to look like. Wondering if it will get thick, grow curly, run down the neck...all questions of wonder.

He noted that after eating, there can be crumbs and such in the beard. I asked him if he needed a beard cleaning kit...with a comb for his pocket. He said he would just wash his face. I argued that he might be out and about and wouldn't he need some kind of, "Road Kit"?

He was certain this process would be simpler than I was envisioning it. I was thinking a little kit with a self closure, those wonderful little soap sheets, a comb, and a wicking washcloth...maybe even some essential oils to rub in there. You know, the beard cleaning kit!

Certain he didn't need any of that, he laughed and made gestures of stroking the beard as though he was thinking deep thoughts. Decembeard. There should be an advent calendar. Each window would show a new progression of the beard leading up to the end of the month.

And the chronicles continue at the Pitcher household. We are on beard-watch. And all across the land, people everywhere are rejoicing in...Decembeard!

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