Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Guilt Ridden, or Rid of Guilt

by Kris Pitcher

Guilt is really an interesting emotion. There are a few things at play which can get you all tied up in a big ball over this. I'm always honest with you, and in my opinion...this one's up to you.

I listen to people agonize over guilt. Not just about food, but about all aspects of their lives. They agonize over the way they parent, what they said to their spouse, how they left things with their dead relatives. You name it, people are guilt ridden.

When it comes to food, and I know you've all woken up with a carb hangover taking the walk of shame from your crumb filled bed to wash the frosting out of your hair, or was that just me? Anyway, I can guess we've all at one time or another felt "guilt" over our food choices.

Let me explain what this is all about. Guilt over food choices is like guilt over any other choice. And this is REALLY simple. It's so simple you're going to laugh. Guilt comes from an internal conflict when our actions are not in line with our goals and values.

Read that last sentence over...about 100 times. This isn't the first time I've shared this revelation with you. Yet, you might not have been successful keeping your choices in line. It's hard work.

Now, the nuances of it are where we have difficulties. Maybe the goals aren't ours. Or the values. When that is the case, it's very difficult to bring our choices in line. If you are constantly trying to meet some one's expectations, which are not will struggle. The values have to be yours.

External expectations are hard to live up to, especially when you don't buy into them. This is why the classic trophy wife has a hard time not eating chocolate out of her closet when her husband isn't telling her what level to do the treadmill at. Just an example out of thin pun intended.

The point is, the values around the goals must be yours. When they are it's easy to make choices in line with them. And when you make choices in line with are free of guilt. You are essentially rid of guilt.

Simple right? So, which are you? Are you guilt ridden, or rid of guilt? Your feelings around this emotion say a lot about how you're driving your choices, and whether your choices are in alignment with your goals and values. The solution is so simple, and the choice is all up to you.

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