Monday, December 3, 2012

My Yellow Brick Road

by Kris Pitcher

If you think you're on track, you better take a look at your yellow brick road. With full disclosure, I was aware of my plan and in all fairness...I was doing my plan. But that wasn't all I was doing. And to throw a moment of Taoism in here, that was part of the plan.

I was forced to look closely at my yellow brick road however. You know? The road leading to your goal. The one with all of your success built right into it. The road you must stay on, and not stray, in order to reach your destination.

As it were I began to find malted milk balls on my yellow brick road. That's odd? Pastrami sandwiches. How'd those get there?

Along the way there was dried fruit, almond milk and even fudgesicles. There were servings of cream of rice and low carb days? Exactly what road was I on?

Turns out I was on the road to being 5 pounds heavier than I wanted to be. Turns out I was loosey-goosey's best friend. Turns out, my yellow brick road was paved with a few too many extras.

I wasn't traveling my road at all. I was going down some other road entirely. Sure, I was eating all of the meals packed with protein I was supposed to eat. The silver lining was that my brain did need a break. I did need to enjoy a few off season extras.

If I thought I could keep up with my husband's ability to enjoy his off season...I had another thing coming. Sure, I could keep up by enjoying the things he is enjoying...if I want to weigh 200 pounds.

As you can imagine, that is not my goal. That is his goal. It is back to my yellow brick road. My road is well traveled. It is laid out in front of me and leaves nothing to chance or question. It's one I can easily follow. And no, it is not paved with malted milk balls.

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