Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quit Skipping

by Kris Pitcher

Now is a good time to talk about skipping meals. You just had a BIG one...and I know what you're thinking. You'll skip eating until next week. Silly, but I know it went through your head.

You thought since you over did it so thoroughly with your holiday meal you might as well just skip breakfast. Guess what? Wrong! It's time to grow out of skipping meals.

Skipping meals is the last thing you want to do. In fact, my rule when I know I'm going to have extras is: Eat everything I am supposed to eat. That's right, every meal. The extras go on top of those. On top.

The big holiday meal? Yes indeed! We all indulged. But guess what? I ate right before and will keep on eating. Why? Because I need to eat everything I am supposed to eat. First. My body is used to it. I've trained it. Why on earth would I send it a different message?

And why on earth would I stop fueling it? Skipping meals tells our body, "Hey, we're not going to get consistent fuel, let's hold on to everything that does come in." "We're shutting down, systems on low...metabolism drop to the basement!"

No sir! We want to crank our metabolism up. Give ourselves some extra fuel. It'll do us some good. And keeping on track with our meals means we'll indulge in a little less than if we fasted leading up to the big dinner.

Get on track and eat your normal meals. Quit skipping out and sending the wrong messages. Give yourself the nutrition your body is counting on by eating to your plan. Get to it! No skipping!

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