Friday, March 1, 2013

A Load Of Crap

by Kris Pitcher

I wouldn't write about this if I didn't know for a FACT that you weight yourself, eliminate your bowels, and weigh yourself again.

Go ahead, deny it.

OK, we're over that. You've done it. I've done it...any one with any level of curiosity has done it. And if you're a good producer, you are moving that stuff through your bowels at least once per day. What?! Everyone wants to know this stuff!

If you're not going once a day, you might consider adding some phyllium husk and a pro biotic to your plan. We talked recently about being constipated around your period (sorry guys). So, let's get things working right.

You can also get over yourself on the scale with this issue. You didn't gain 4 pounds (just like I didn't during my very special lady week), that is just a load of crap. Which, actually a lot of it was. Sorry, again.

This is a weighty issue (really on a roll here), and I know you get on the scale and all you can think of is you've gained fat. The issue here is that is likely the LAST thing that's happened. But, you'll beat yourself up and sabotage. It's time to be smarter.

We fluctuate based on our waste, our water intake, our food intake, our hormones and other factors. When we are doing the right things with our diet and exercise we need to think about these factors before we assume we are bad, bad people. We're not bad. You are not bad. I promise. You might just be full of it.

Increase your water intake, increase your fiber intake, get your nutrients in order and keep your head straight about what matters. The number on the scale measures so little for us. In fact, it's kind of a load of crap. I'm done. You get the idea *smile.

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