Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Your Destiny, Your Focus

by Kris Pitcher

Controlling your destiny is within your hands. A lot of times it may not feel as though it is. I feel strongly about this topic and now is a good time to reconnect with the power you have to drive your destiny.

You attract things into your life with your thoughts. You can either focus on negative things and draw that to yourself, or you can focus on positive things and draw those into your life. The choice is yours.

We attract. This is why focusing on what we can control in our lives is really important, and smart. We can't control what other people do. We may influence someone else's destiny but ultimately they will make their life choices.

Focusing our energy, thought, or prayer on getting other people to do things is misplaced focus. If we turn that focus inward, internalize what we would like to attract to our lives...we begin to influence our own destiny.

We control very little, but the things we do control are very powerful in our lives. When we focus our energy on those our influence guides the right things. It's not easy. It takes constant correction, meditation, questioning, refocus.

Some people thrive on chaos. They create drama, clutter and confusion in their lives. We all have these kinds of people in our lives. And my question would be, are they really thriving?

Start with an intake of the things in your life you place importance on. Begin with your values, your goals...are you focusing on attracting the right energy in your life to make those things happen?

If saving for your retirement is important to you, a life value, yet you are over extended in debt to keep up with your circle of friends - I would say those things are not in alignment. You're not controlling your destiny. You are not attracting wealth by spending yourself into debt.

Same goes for your eating plan. If you have a certain goal, whether it's to compete in a physique event or not, and you have an eating plan to get you have everything within your abilities to control your destiny. Going out to restaurants, eating off plan, or thinking it won't matter if you cheat this once isn't attracting the right energy. Your focus is off.

Only you can bring the right focus and attraction to your life. Others can assist you, but ultimately you must do that work. You must make that connection. It's your destiny, find your focus.


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