Monday, November 1, 2010

How Healthy Is Your Attitude?

by Kris Pitcher

"Choose your attitude young lady/man, or I will choose one for you!" Those are piercing words. I know you've heard them in your lifetime, and it's likely that you've even said them. This is not a suggestion either, as you know, it's more of a mandate to shape up.

Recently, I heard them in the grocery store parking lot followed by, "Now, let's get moving!" I was by myself so I was pretty sure this sharp talking dad wasn't talking to me, but I did a double take just in case. Now, he was right his melting-down 5 year old needed an attitude adjustment...and sometimes we do too.

The truth is we do choose our attitude. We choose how we perceive the world around us and how we see ourselves. Things don't happen to us...things just happen, and we choose how we think and react. It's all in our attitude. Maintaining perspective is important to keeping a healthy attitude. Remembering the choice is yours will keep you on track with your healthy attitude. Now get moving!

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