Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New You!

by Kris Pitcher

What do you see in 2011?
Happy New Year to everyone! Having readers around the world, some of you hit the mark before others. A new year is a great time to think about a new you. It's our opportunity to focus on what we'd like to do better, and on what we'd like to accomplish this year.

Seeing really is believing. And believing you can do something is the beginning of any progression or change. Visualization is a strong tool used by competitive athletes and business tycoons alike to see their success. This year as you think about your goals there are some simple things you can do to begin to see those realities in your path.

One way to actualize what you want is to literally put it in view. A likely place is the fridge. Clear all that stuff off of the refrigerator; the expired coupons, the artwork, the photos of summer vacation, etc. Take your top goals and write them out. Shoot crafties - make it pretty if you want. What's on my fridge? My eating plan, a contest photo, my NPC competitor card, and an expired Sally's Beauty Supply coupon...but I was going to use that. Dang, too late.

Another great place is in your bathroom. Make yourself a small reminder and post it on your mirror. I have a quote that says, "The pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret." These are reminders I see every day. Remember, people who are good at reaching their goals practice each day. This quote reminds me it's easier to do what I'm supposed to do in order to meet my goals than to feel conflicted about my values and actions.

Put your goals in view in your calendar, appointment book, or fancy phone. There must be an app for that. Seeing what's important to you keeps it in view all the time. Your choices and actions take shape around them. It works.

Words work as reminders and pictures as well. If you have a goal to take a trip to France this year. Guess what goes up on your refrigerator, a picture of France. Visualizing yourself taking the next step in your business, doing well in an interview and landing a job, or taking the actions needed to meet your activity goals is a very strong tool.

It isn't just the big things either, seeing yourself pack your lunch, gym bag and water bottle for a successful day is important too. Visualizing yourself making your appointment with your trainer even though you're nervous, having a successful session, and feeling great is smart. Seeing yourself work through those barriers we talked about will give you the self-confidence to know you can do it.

This year, don't just say you're going to do it, see you're going to do it. Visualization works! Happy New You!


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