Monday, January 31, 2011

Ups and Downs

by Kris Pitcher

As we welcome February in, our rate of success with change may either be going well, or taking a turn. January may have brought some ups and downs. The way we view those can determine our future success.

Which way will you turn?
Whether we see a blip in the road as a failure or a challenge frames our mindset for how we move forward. Or if we move forward at all. This is the turning point. It's the point that defines the people who move on and continue with a healthy lifestyle, and those who fall off the wagon only to try again next year.

Seeing challenges or setbacks as motivations moves us forward. Being able to do that means seeing your imperfections and allowing yourself to make mistakes and be human. There's a thought. If you had a week where you didn't make progress, reflect on where you might have been able to do better. And then do better. Part of it is letting your defenses down, and not making excuses. It's taking responsibilities for your outcomes.

And we will have challenges along the way. That's normal. We won't always be charging forward making great progress. There will be times when we plateau, when we have a stressful week, or have to travel, or when life just gets a little hectic. We balance a lot of things in our lives, managing our wellness is a huge part of that. There's an eb and flow with it, it's not a perfect process.

Finding the good along the way in each situation keeps us learning. Accept the challenges in the ups and downs. Being able to find motivation in them will keep you moving forward creating your new lifestyle! 

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