Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Beauty of Accountability

by Kris Pitcher

Accountability is a beautiful thing. Is it enough to be accountable to ourselves though? It works for a while...for the honeymoon period when you're all excited about your new plan. But what about down the road when no body's really looking? What about on the mornings when you'd rather hit snooze, or on the days when you didn't quite get organized to pack your food?  Pretty soon you're convincing yourself "later" will come, which she never does.

To me, that's who!
When the sparks stop flying, your weight plateaus, and the shiny newness is gone...then what? You keep going that's what! I've said it enough times to sound like a broken record, "You only have to do this as long as you want it to work." The rest of your life fits that bill. So, figure on about that long. The truth is, your supporters care about what you're doing, but you're really only accountable to you.

When I'm wavering, eh hem, negotiating with the 5:00 AM alarm clock I think about you Blissers. I feel accountable to you. I also feel accountable to my goals. Why? Because they reflect my values. Simple. If I value something, I'm going to do what's needed to achieve it. That means getting myself up and on the treadmill.

If you're struggling with your accountability retrace your steps. What is your goal? What do you need to do in order to meet your goals? Be specific. Why is that important to you? Being able to verbalize why something is important to you (your value) will help you connect to your accountability. It's a beautiful thing!

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