Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dig Deep & Think Like a Dog!

by Kris Pitcher

We could learn a thing or two from our four legged friends. Dogs to be specific. Sure, they need their schedule and they like their structure just like we do. But they're always up for an adventure.

Dogs are always keen to go for a R-I-D-E in the C-A-R. Oh boy, they love the wind in their floppy ears - tongues waggin' in the breeze. See, they are eager. They're curious to see and smell everything all around them. Dogs are happy to get out and go!

And you know how happy they are to go out on a W-A-L-K! Wow! It's like they hit the jackpot! They'll even get their own leash for you. Dogs walk, prance even, tall and proud. Even the little ones walk BIG. It's like they are bragging about their person. "Hey, look at me and my person, we're on a W-A-L-K!"

So on those days when you feel like you have to dig deep to find the motivation to get out there and do it. Think like a dog! Find your inner curiosity in the world and let your ears flap in the wind. Go out there with an eager sense to explore and smell the world. And by all means, walk proud, especially if you're little.

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