Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Let Your Waist Line Get Sidelined

by Kris Pitcher

Having a busy family doesn't mean your success has to be sidelined. With every one's lessons, activities and sports you can find yourself spending a lot of time cheering from the sidelines. With a good plan you can keep your success going strong.

Your Saturday needs to start early and organized. Getting up before the team means you can sneak in your cardio and get some meals and snacks organized. Take advantage of this little bit of controlled quiet - it may be the only "you" time you get all weekend.

Put some bottled water in the freezer, start a load of laundry, lace up and go. Once you're back from your walk around the neighborhood, or your trip to the gym - change out the laundry and get yourself cleaned up. You know the drill, the family is ready to be fed!

Get the cooler out and pack it full of great snacks, healthy sandwiches and plenty of cold water. Pack your meals and stash those in there too. Pack those frozen water bottles in and you are ready for a day on the sidelines.

Stay hydrated and keep yourself on your meal plan throughout the day. When you're not behind the video camera or snapping photos, get up out of your chair or even take a lap around the field. Walk the bleachers to get your blood flowing - whatever you need to do to stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!

Celebrating after the big game? Keep in mind the party is for the kids. Make good choices at the weren't the one running bases all day. Pizza places have salads, and hamburger joints have decent selections too. If you've planned ahead you may even have your meal in that cooler of yours. After all, you don't want your waistline to get sidelined.

Enjoy the sports season and cheering on your family in all their activities. With some planning and preparation your waiste line won't be sidelined this season.

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