Monday, April 11, 2011

Crushy on Mr. O? Kris Meets Jay Cutler!

by Kris Pitcher

The bodybuilding competition season is in full swing. And while I know it's by no means main stream...I couldn't help but brag share my recent experience meeting this sport's superstar.

Me, Jay, & Jacques' thumb!
The Superbowl of bodybuilding is the Mr. Olympia, and the current (and 4 time winning) reigning Mr. Olympia is Jay Cutler. And what lady doesn't get a little crushy on a guy nick-named "Mr. O"?

Jacques and I recently had the opportunity to judge the NPC Montana Big Sky Championships in Missoula where none other than Jay Cutler was guest posing. Putting on a bodybuilding contest takes an "it takes a village" approach, so it was all hands on deck for the Friday night competitor check in. I was dutifully checking height measurements for all the figure and bikini competitors when I saw Jay appear.

I felt a little bit like a seventh I wanted to jump around and say, "Jay! Jay! Over here!" I was star struck. But, I held it together like an astute 40-something, professional woman...with a husband. A wonderful bodybuilder husband of my own. He was like Santa Claus, as quick as he had arrived, he disappeared...out of the conference room to talk with competitors.

The big show! Saturday night is the big night for all the competitors to perform their routines for their friends and family. They've got the big stage, the lights and music. It's their chance to strut their stuff and display all their hard work, and have some fun. And we had front row seats to see Jay do his guest posing routine!

He doesn't just command the stage, he actually took a guy out of his seat...stood on the arms of the theatre seat and hit some poses from there! You don't see that every day! Up close and personal with the superstar of a sport I love. And you know what the best part of the whole weekend was?

After the show there is always an after party at a restaurant. Competitors want to eat, and celebrate with their families. And we want to celebrate with them. We'd finished eating and were milling around talking to people. Jay was standing around talking to people and this little girl comes up to him and says, "Can I have a hug?" She was maybe ten years old.

Jay takes this little girl in a full frontal embrace and hugs her. Not just a pat. He HELD her, and kind of rocked her side to side. Imagine what that must have felt like to her! And it wasn't a quickie. It was a REAL hug. When he released her she ran back to her smiling parents at their table. The smile on Jay's face was as big as hers. And I thought to myself...big guys need hugs too.

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