Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sharing a Spark Of Fitness Bliss

by Kris Pitcher

Sometimes I think we don't realize the impact we have the capacity to make in the lives of others. The encouragement you give someone may mean the difference between them making a change...or not. Those moments can be life altering.

Taking time to stop and listen, and to encourage someone could be just the thing they've been waiting for. It's easy to go along and feel insignificant, like no one pays attention to us, or we aren't making a difference. Yet, sharing a tiny spark with just one person creates a ripple effect.

Your enthusiasm is contagious, you are a role model and people are paying attention. What if you shared that spark with just a few people? Think of the impact you have the capacity to make.

A few encouraging words to let someone know you've noticed they're making changes can go a long way. Think about how many times you might have started and stopped. Would it have helped - does it help, to have a spark of energy - of bliss in your day?

I sure know it helps me. Feeling connected to all of you and hearing your feedback truly energizes me. Did you know you shared that impact? Take that knowledge and share Fitness Bliss with others. We just might make a difference in the world. Thanks for being part of the bliss!

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