Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packed and Ready to Go! The Journey Begins!

by Kris Pitcher

Getting ready to make changes is like getting ready for a road trip. You have some planning and organizing to do. You spend some time getting excited, you kind of have to get yourself "packed" and ready for the journey. Most of all you have to get your head in the right place.

Easing in is better than jumping in. The "easing in" period is your time to get yourself used to the idea of making change. It's your chance to begin to clean things out...to prepare your environment. It's also your chance to get clear on your values and vision - for the journey.

Your values and vision are going to be your map to success. Without them, you'll be lost and it will be difficult to stay on track. Use your easing in period to really clarify why this is so important to you and to be clear about what outcome you want. As you do, your path becomes less cluttered. It's easier to see your way and you're less likely to get pulled off into the wilderness.

Me? I'm clearing out the cobwebs. I'm getting really clear on what I want and I have my eyes set on a very specific goal. I'm energized and motivated. I am ready to start a long and tough journey. I'm getting packed, my gas tank is full and I know exactly where I'm going.

My values and vision will guide me along the way. I'll have lots of help and support. There will be bumps along the road for sure...but I'm willing and able to face them. Are you ready for a new journey? Where are you ready to go? It's time to get packed! You've got places you want to be!

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