Friday, August 17, 2012

Fried Chicken of My Dreams

by Kris Pitcher

There are times during a contest prep diet when your head begins to fill with strange things. Exciting things. Forbidden things. Fried things...

Your senses are heightened to the fact that the world around you is filled with sights, smells and tastes that will not get you to your goal. Foods and choices surround you which will set you back if you have an ounce of weakness in your tiniest finger.

And I eat in my dreams. Last prep, I woke suddenly in a panic having dreamt I ate a banana. Big deal you're thinking. It was a big deal. This week I dreamt I ate fried chicken.

I wasn't worried about it...chicken is on my plan. But then I went back into the kitchen of the restaurant (don't ask me why) and I realized that they had fried it in a giant vat of hot oil. I was mortified. Fried chicken!

At 5 weeks out I cannot be eating fried chicken. I woke up feeling upset and disappointed in myself for letting that happen. Realizing it was just a dream I was comforted in the notion that there is indeed nothing fried in my life. Nothing. I was also comforted in the immense strength of my tiniest finger.

For the duration of this journey, this is where my eating will play my dreams. And in my dreams I'll be eating fried chicken.

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