Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Things I've Quit

by Kris Pitcher

At the six week mark and counting down to contest day, I've made a lot of changes so far. As I think about it...there's a lot of things I've quit.

I've quit some extraneous supplements...like vitamin C. I've also quit my calcium, but that's just because I'm lazy. It's best to take it away from your other vitamins and I just end up forgetting. Really I just need to put it in my cooler and take it during the day.

No more truvia. That's right. I've given up my sweet meat. Which might make you throw up a little upon reading, but breakfast is yummier when it's a little sweet. Gave that up. Done with it.

You know I gave up my beloved pizza some weeks ago. Done with that and all the other gluten in my life. Except for soy sauce. It's made a big difference. I must have a slight intolerance to it, because I sharpened up when I took it out. Bye-bye!

I've given up on the idea of not feeling hungry. I just expect to feel hungry. It's part of the game. If you're not hungry...well, I wonder if you're dieting hard enough. It's fine, I'm good.

You also know I've given up on having all of my clothes right side out. Doesn't matter. I mean, I'm not dragging to work in a disheveled mess...it's just what I'm sleeping in. My husband doesn't seem to care. I've even taken to one of Karly's tips - sleep in some of my workout clothes so things go faster getting to my cardio in the morning. Thanks Karly!

I've quit idle chit chat at the gym. I'm on an eating schedule and I've got to get my workout done, so I can get home and eat. Keeping my husband on track with this is another story. He's got a lot of stories to share.

As I get more focused, I'll give even more things up. My world will get a little smaller and a little more compact...and so will I. The countdown is on!

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