Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Random Thoughts of a Competitor

by Kris Pitcher

To be fair, many of my thoughts are quite focused. But then there are the complete random things that flow through my head. I thought I would share a peak into the mind of a competitor. Random thoughts:

  • Eye liner is hard: As I've been practicing my stage look, I have determined...eye liner is hard. One side is easy, but matching the other side to the first is very difficult.
  • I can grow a lot of hair in a week: I don't have/take time to shave my legs during the week. My mornings are precision timed and leg shaving doesn't fit. By Friday morning...I'm glad I'm light haired.
  • Things are gathering in a pile: My contest "stuff" is gathering itself in a pile on the bathroom counter. Nails, make-up, lashes...when you get all this stuff together - it takes a lot to look so pretty.
  • Squasholi does not exist: I had a dream that my sister put me in charge of taking a vegetable out of the oven. When it was done I stood in front of the oven and ate it. All of it. It was a long stalked broccoli where the stalk was filled with an orange squash. I woke in a panic.
  • Did I stop at that stop sign?
  • I LOVE pickles right now: When a pickle is a treat, you are a competitor.
  • I'm searching my belly for new veins each day: My belly button remains in it's proper position, but new parts of my vascular system become visible each day. I shouldn't do this in my office...
  • My mouth waters for sugar free gum: I'm going to try some of these fancy dessert flavors everyone loves after my contest. I have fish breath. Bad. Sorry everyone.
These are a few of my random thoughts. The ones I can public. The rest I'll just filter and we'll call it good. Three weeks to go and I'm working hard to stay focused, keep my sense of humor and perform on the job. So far, so good! *Smile!

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